Poker and mini sized cards for The Deck of Many Dice are now available, with a bunch of new additions as well! v1.2.1-1.2.2


  • Major additions: This update brings two much more conventional form factors (poker sized cards and mini/mini euro/half height sized cards). This should make PnP easier, as sleeves actually exist for these form factors. It also means that I could upload this to TheGameCrafter.
  • I started using nanDECK for this project! This should make future updates easier and faster for me to implement.
  • New feature: Symbols to tell you which words go with each game!
  • New feature: 4 new suits to further differentiate the second deck of cards from the first
    • This makes the deck better for colorblind players and people who only have access to a grayscale printer.
  • New feature: Rage/Stichlen style deck 
    • (6 suits, 18 ranks) This adds hundreds of new games to the cards.

I'll be updating the main page for The Deck of Many Dice tomorrow.

1.2.2 changes the orientation of the half height deck, saving you one page of paper.


3.5" x 2.5" (Poker size) v1.2.1 10 MB
51 days ago
1.75" x 2.5" (Half height) v1.2.1 4 MB
51 days ago

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