A downloadable game for Windows

Here's a simple platformer I made using Pixel Game Maker MV back in high school for a game jam.

Jump - Z (B on Nintendo-layout controller, A on Xbox, ✖ on PlayStation)
Bite - X (Y, X, □)
Run - Hold X while holding left or right (Y, X, □)
Lunge - X while jumping up (Y, X, □)
NOTE: Lunging is only possible while in the rising part of a jump.
FURTHER NOTE: Holding a direction while lunging will cause an arced motion, while simply pressing X will cause you to lunge straight forward.
Start - Enter (Plus, I honestly have no clue, options)
Full screen - Escape

I would have never been able to make this in just 14 15 days if I did all of the art for this. The art of Ansimuz and FinalBossBlues, along with fonts from SomePX were invaluable.
Music and sound effects by rubberduck, artisticdude, HydroGene and Nooskewl Games. (All music and sound effects are licensed under CC0)

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags2D, Monsters, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Singleplayer, werewolf


Werewolf 0.4.zip 47 MB

Install instructions

Run "player.exe" from the "Werewolf Game" folder. Press escape to enter fullscreen.

Development log


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it ist bad but little bit hard

the hitboxes are horrible. you can die even when lunging a melee enemy.

you should definitely make the lunge mechanic even more core to the game, as it is what makes this unique, and word things differently as I keep thinking I have to wait for the bite to be done to run.


You really ought to change the name. This game is nearly impossible to find.


I'm planning on it, but more due to it "Werewolf" being an incredibly generic name, haha.

I'll be changing just about everything on this page when I'm finished implementing the story.


I got to say that your game is challenging, but fun. It reminds me of the 8-bit games like Castlevania or Ghost n' Goblins for its platform that dealt with horror theme. For my suggestions is included a score on the top right screen, a life meter on the top left screen. Next add a tutor menu along within the main menu with the title of the game. Add a pause menu with it a quit the game as an option and put the quit the game within the main menu.I have a few questions for the game. The first one is that will there be any weapon upgrade and two is there a check point for the game. I hope these suggestions would help your game.

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Indeed, a main menu and pause screen will be added fairly soon after the jam ends (25 days from now).

As the game stands right now, the current checkpoint placement is the right difficulty for me, but I realize that I'm not the best measure of how hard it should be (due to the fact that I made the game). How often do you think checkpoints should be placed?

On the point of score, I wasn't planning on adding a scoring system, but now that you mention it, I could see that working well to encourage a more methodical playstyle that the game doesn't currently serve very well. Thank you for this suggestion!

Weapon upgrade-wise, I plan on having the player learn abilities inbetween platforming stages. For example, I plan on adding the ability to howl, which will act as a ranged attack.

Thanks for your suggestions! If you haven't already, I would really appreciate a good rating on the jam page!

No problem.


I like the main character :)

Thank you!