Originally made in Python as a final for my first semester of computer science, this is Escape from Kettuloch, a dungeon crawling game where you're slowly turning into a fox.

LynxSnowCat kindly offered some code adding a bunch of excellent features, dramatically improving the map (walls are now visible), footer (all information can be onscreen at once if your screen is large enough), and controls (you can now move with buttons in the sidebar)! You can find their Itch.io profile here: snow-cat.itch.io

GitHub repository: https://github.com/SnepShark/Kettuloch

While the game does feature in-game hints for puzzles, a dedicated hint guide and walkthrough are available in the downloads section! If you get stuck, those should be very helpful!

7/29/22 - Fixed a major bug (player had health beyond the displayed amount) and a smaller bug (the footer taunted players about being foxes, despite that not yet being true).
6/20/22 - Tons of QoL improvements written by LynxSnowCat, including easier navigation and a better map! (Plus a few major bugfixes, including the one that caused the player to lose a few fights despite having enough health)
4/11/22 - Even more typos fixed!
12/12/21 - Dramatically decreased the number of frustrating elements in the first section, along with a few other small changes.
10/9/21 - Corrected a bunch of typos, fixed one or two bugs, and added one more ending.


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Original Python version 50 kB

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fun game love the concept that you are turning into something but it could use some visuals

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I'm not planning on adding visuals to this one, but the long-ish-term project I'm currently working on and the game jam submission I'm planning out (which I need to finish before the end of the month) will both feature characters transforming with animations.

If you follow me on Itch you'll be notified once those are out, haha

ok Ill be sure to


It was fun for a bit but then it just got more frustrating than anything. Partly because I could never quite understand the notch puzzle. However the main frustration was dying to enemies that were doing less damage than I had health and yet it would still kill me so that's great. Also I'm not sure what sword your talking about in the guide since the shop keep has no sword.

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I could never quite understand the notch puzzle.

You're not alone on that one, that puzzle is responsible for like, half of the questions I've received on other sites, haha. Hmm... maybe I should add a visual representation of the dials to make that puzzle's description a bit more clear.

...dying to enemies that were doing less damage than I had health...

This one though? I haven't heard about anyone else experiencing that before, but if that’s happening, it needs to be fixed! (In the browser version, you should always have enough health to progress if you buy the armor and drink every potion) Do you remember which enemies or rooms caused this?

Also I'm not sure what sword your talking about in the guide since the shop keep has no sword

Yep, I'll fix that right now. I wrote the guide around the Python version, which had both a sword and armor in the store.

I've fixed the bug you encountered (if the player entered a fight on the same turn that the transformation progressed, the fight was triggered twice, once before and once after the transformation), plus, LynxSnowCat added a bunch of extra QoL features, like the ability to move with buttons in the sidebar!

I also updated the wording of the shop to make the sword/armor part of the walkthrough less different between the Python and HTML versions of the game.


This is really cool!

I think so too, but I'm biased, haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Had a blast with this game! Was really interesting exploring the various endings.

I might just check it out anyways, but Is it worth going back and giving the Python version a try at all?


If you'd like to see how the gameplay changed over time, it could be worth a look! There isn't a lot to see on the story front though, since the original doesn't have any new endings to read, just a few changed room descriptions and a lot of extra typos, haha.

The Twine version is definitely the better of the two as far as quality-of-life stuff goes (needing to fully replay the game for each ending to see them all doesn't exactly add to the experience, haha), and I haven't seen anyone crash the Twine version, but I still like the original combat and timer balancing from the Python version.

Oh, and thank you, I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed your time playing it!


Never thought I'd be able to self-learn python  with a TF game to such an extent I got selected into our school's infocomm team. Oh well. Thanks

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Congrats! I'm glad I could help, haha

dont work on google

On all the computers I have access to, it works fine on Chrome (along with Safari, Edge, and Firefox), but I'm definitely willing to help you troubleshoot it!

Two preliminary questions:

Does it work for you in other browsers?

Are you getting any sort of error message when you try to play it?


it works in microsoft edge idk why thx 4 the help