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Physical copies of The Deck of Many Dice!
If you want a physical copy of either the poker sized deck or the mini deck, you can now get them over on TheGameCrafter! Poker Sized Half Sized If you don't wa...
1.2.3 - Quick Fix
Minor change to card 22's ID picture...
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The most versatile deck of cards.
Poker and mini sized cards for The Deck of Many Dice are now available, with a bunch of new additions as well! v1.2.1-1.2.2
Changelog: Major additions: This update brings two much more conventional form factors (poker sized cards and mini/mini euro/half height sized cards). This shou...
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What's next for the Deck of Many Dice?
Since my recent Reddit post about the Deck of Many Dice was so successful, I'll be trying to improve the deck further before offering professionally printed cop...
1.1 Changelog
Fixed a typo pointed out by u/ossiangrr on Reddit...
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The most versatile deck of cards.
The Deck of Many Dice v1.0 is out now!
These cards are now even more crammed with information than they were before. I've added a ton of features to them since v0.5, increasing the number of games yo...
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The Deck of Many Dice v0.5 is out now!
This print-and-play deck of cards uses an irregular size in order to pack a lot more potential for entertainment into the same volume as a standard deck of brid...
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